Monday, January 8, 2018

Is this for real??!!!!

January 1st-7th 2018

I made it a goal to try and blog for our family every Sunday. Well technically it's Monday but I'm doing it! Been almost 2 years since I last blogged and that is sad. So much has happened. I'll have to try and get back to filling in the last 2 years but that will be hard!

 This year has started off just great so far. The weather this winter has been amazing. We've even touched 60*! It's not typical winter weather but I'm not much for the snow or cold so I'm loving it!
The kids started back at school and getting into the swing of things. We still have our Christmas up! Haha! I usually try and take it down by the 1st or 2nd but today is the day.

 Brian has been working on finishing the basement and is cruising along! He's got such great dedication to keep on a project which is helping it move along nicely. He's amazing how he can figure anything out! We're excited to have it done and a nice place to send the loud kiddos!!!

 Caroline tried her hand for the first time at a brain bowl. We went to watch her team and let's just say they had fun. :-) We were proud of her for giving it a try. She also tried 4 days to be gluten and  dairy free. That was not fun. She's been complaining of being tired for months now so a doctor suggested we take her off of dairy and gluten for 2 months. She was not happy about that. We are going to get her blood tested as well so that hopefully we can figure it out. She even quit her school basketball for lack of energy. Got to figure it out!

 Brooklynn and I took a day out to the park. She got a babydoll and stroller so we took it for a walk and she loved it. Threw a fit the whole way home as I carried her over my shoulder with her babystroller and my camera in the other hand! Not easy.

 I've got a determination to try and get our whole family eating healthier. Too much processed food and sugar! Oh the sugar! It needs to stop but it isn't easy. Hopefully we can get back on track with healthy eating. Onto the next week.....

Wednesday, August 31, 2016